10 top things you need to consider for successful business continuity planning

  • Your Staff: Can you contact them easily? Do you have the ability to contact them if  they are not in the office or work location?
  • Your Premises: Have you got a backup site to undertake your work activity if your main place was compromised?
  • Your Equipment and Resources: – Are you reliant on any particular equipment or vehicles to undertake your business that you could not get an easy replacement for?
  • Your IT systems: – Do you run information systems on laptops, desktop PC’s? If the answer is yes, do you keep backups of this information offsite?
  • Your Communications: – What systems do you use to contact your customers/suppliers/staff? Are they robust? What backup systems of communications would you use if you lost mobile coverage?
  • Your Processes and Documentation: – Have you written down the core functions/processes your businesses has to do? Have you copies of all the important documentation you need away from the normal work location in the event of a loss of premises?
  • Your Partners and Suppliers: – Have you looked at your suppliers? Have you got any bottle necks that could occur if that supplier had its own problems?
  • Your Contacts lists: – Do you have a directory of all your important contacts and is this also available offsite?
  • Your Emergency Protocol: – Have your agreed a plan of action with your staff of what to do if the work location is compromised? E.g. meet in the Dog and Duck.
  • How would you follow your Business Continuity plan?  If you haven’t got a plan in place, now is the perfect time to ensure you know how you would react if an unforeseen event occurs.

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