Chantel is 23 years old.  She has 4 children they are 7, 5 and 3 years old her youngest is 6 months old.

Actions Taken

Chantel was referred to the Phoenix Project through the Susie Project.  The Susie Project supports survivors of domestic abuse.  Chantel suffered domestic violence in her previous relationship.

Chantel was a very nervous and anxious about taking part in the Phoenix course but at the same time she was looking forward to taking part.

Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

During the course Chantel described the course ‘as very up and down.  The up and downs were both good signs’. ‘The course completely pushed me but in a good way it made me realise that I can work completely out my comfort zone, it made me realise that I can achieve so much more than what I thought, I now have the ‘I can do attitude rather than no I don’t think I can do it!’  I am not afraid to try anything new.  In fact I would welcome new challenges’.

Chantel grew in confidence as the week progressed; she voiced her opinions and encouraged others to speak within her groups.  She gave every activity 100% and even at the most challenging parts of the course where she was physically shaking at times, working completely out of her comfort zone she never gave up. Chantel was incredible in the Breathing Apparatus chamber.

Chantel said, ‘the experience in the Breathing Apparatus Chamber made me learn that I can now overcome things that make me feel nervous or anxious’.

Chantel found aspects of the course very informative for example fire safety in the home, road safety awareness and learning first aid skills.  Chantel also gained a full ASDAN qualification during the 5 days.

Since the course Chantel has used these skills at home for example she has taught her 2 eldest children the recovery position.  She also won the 2016 Chief Fire Officers Volunteer Shield for her continuous work with Phoenix and The Susie Project.