Dan has been unemployed for five years. He has just completed the work programme. He found elements of the programme really useful however he felt that it could have been condensed into a four month period as oppose to a two year programme. Dan has struggled with addiction problems throughout his life but has been clean for 2.5 years. He previously worked for a family business as a labourer until his dad sold the business. Dan currently has no fixed abode but tries to stay around the St Dennis area so he can be close to his two young daughters.


Actions Taken

Dan was referred to the Phoenix project by St Austell Job Centre Plus. He attended a pre meet at the fire station a week before the course started. When Dan was told about the pre meet he was unsure what to expect. He thought the course may be a continuation of the classroom based courses he had attended throughout the work programme.


Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

Over the duration of the course the learners complete a day by day evaluation. In addition to this they complete a self assessment on the final day to identify strengths and weaknesses and to set future goals. Dan quoted that the Phoenix Course has given me structure and a reason to get out of bed. It is the first thing I have ever completed. This course and the activities I have done have given me motivation and allowed me to see that I can achieve.


My self belief has increased and it has shown me that I can get out of bed on consecutive days and that I need to keep this up and keep myself busy.


I marched my team on during the final drill. This is something I never thought I would have the confidence or the ability to do.


I have now enrolled on an ECDL course and I am going to be completing my SIA course starting in March.  I am feeling positive about my future after completing the course.