Jo has been unemployed for five years. She moved down from the midlands with her parents and lives in an isolated rural area. She finds being unemployed for so long has affected her and she struggles with feelings of frustration and anger.

Jo has a high level of education and since completing her doctorate has struggled to find any work. She has the qualifications but not the work experience.


Actions Taken

Jo was referred to the Phoenix project by Launceston Job Centre Plus. She attended a pre meet at the fire station a week before the course started. Jo was anxious about attending the course.


Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

Over the duration of the course the learners complete a day by day evaluation. In addition to this they complete a self assessment on the final day to identify strengths and weaknesses and to set future goals. Jo quoted that the Phoenix Course is the best course I have done through the job centre.  All other courses I have attended have focused on my weaknesses and I have sometimes felt patronised by the level of the courses.  This course has focussed on achievements and strengths. This has increased my confidence and given me the drive to try and find some work experience.


Being introduced to a new group of people has allowed me to be confident to go out and approach prospective employers and get back into voluntary work. It has increased my self belief that I can integrate well into a new group.