Matt is 21 years old.  He has lived in Cosgarne House for 1½ years.  Prior to the course, Matt used to use drugs on a regular basis, he always felt down, did not want to do anything with his time, had very little confidence and lacked self-esteem.


Matt was referred to the Phoenix project by Katie from Cosgarne House. The pre-meet was held at Cosgarne House a week before the course started.  Matt was excited to use the course ‘to get his life back on track’ and couldn’t wait to get started.


Over the duration of the course Matt excelled himself by using excellent communication skills and improving his leadership skills.  Matt said “the course woke me up, I now realise what I am capable of, it’s given me the slap on the back to realise I can do something with my life before it’s too late” Matt has just moved into private accommodation with his girlfriend and completed an application form to join Cornwall Fire & Rescue as an on-call fire-fighter, as well as this he has signed up for lots of training courses through various agencies.

Matt said “The Phoenix course has been a great experience, I would recommend it to anyone as it has changed my life”.