Ralph and Phil Parsons are a father and son who were both referred to the Phoenix Project and took part in the same course.

Ralph has been with the job centre for 5 months, before this he was employed as a gardener for Truro School. Phil has been with the job centre since January, before this he was employed at the Range on a Christmas contract. Ralph asked to attend the course and Phil was told to attend.


Actions Taken

Ralph and Phil were referred to the Phoenix project by Truro Job Centre Plus. They attended a pre meet at the fire station a week before the course started. Ralph couldn’t wait to get started on the course. Phil however was very apprehensive


Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

Over the duration of the course the learners complete a day by day evaluation. In addition to this they complete a self assessment on the final day to identify strengths and weaknesses and to set future goals. Ralph has been struggling with a major illness prior to attending the course. He wanted to attend to show himself that he could push himself and to find his limits that he could work within.

Ralph commented that he feels like he has achieved and feels more like his old self. His self belief has come back and he has enjoyed meeting new people and working as a group.

Phil commented that his dad seems more upbeat and motivated. He has lived in the shadow of his illness and chosen not to things just in case. Now he has the confidence to do things again, he seems like my dad that I had before he got ill.

Phil commented that the marching on the course helped him understand discipline and structure. The activities have given him the confidence to speak out and help to influence his peers positively. His self esteem has grown and he feels like he has matured over his time on the course. He thinks the change has come from his achievement in the BA chamber. Phil feels more able to lead and take control of situations now and the marching the team on during the final drill showed this.

Ralph said about Phil that he is a totally different person; he has gone from having no motivation or inspiration to having direction and enthusiasm. The course has completely changed him for the better.

Phil and Ralph live with Ralphs sister and she to has noticed the change in them both but especially Phil. She commented on pass out that he is like a different boy and that both Ralph and Phil are far more positive about the future.

Phil and Ralph would both recommend the course and are pleased they completed it together.