Rebecca Claydon is 24 and has been unemployed for 12 months. She used to work at the Original Art Shop in Truro but unfortunately there weren’t enough hours to keep her on.

After university and due to lack of interest that her CV generated, Rebecca felt low in confidence and admits she lost the motivational push to get out there and search for jobs.

Actions Taken

Rebecca was referred to the Phoenix project by Truro Job Centre Plus. She attended a pre meet at the job centre a week before the course started.

Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

Rebecca found her confidence on the rise at the start of the week. “Physical activity I’ve never been very good at. However, with the support from the instructors and my team mates I managed to do hose running, the timed hydrant drill and other activities. The instructors were so enthusiastic and seemed genuinely thrilled when I managed to achieve something that I didn’t think I was able to, it made me feel so proud of myself. I haven’t felt that way in a long time!”

Rebecca found herself in her element in the team working activities and it became apparent she was a good team leader. Rebecca would speak to individuals that were struggling and quietly encourage them.

This course has definitely improved my team working skills. I’ve never wanted to take control in a group situation but I found myself doing just that during the problem solving exercises.

“I would recommend this course to anyone looking for work that needs a gentle push to get their motivation back!! It’s amazing what pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, aided with encouragement can actually do for a person!”