Fire Safety Direct – Fire Risk Assessment Support

Welcome to Fire Safety Direct (Fire Risk Assessment Support)

Fire Safety Direct helps you to understand the regulatory requirements needed to ensure compliance with Fire Safety Legislation and as the regulator we are best placed to give advice and support. If you are a business owner/employer and/or property owner and/or person in control of the premises, you are responsible for fire safety and must undertake a fire risk assessment and implementing all the significant findings.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 is the only piece of fire legislation that applies to all non-domestic premises (with a few minor exceptions) in England and Wales.  It covers general fire precautions and other fire safety duties which are needed to protect ‘relevant persons’ in case of fire in and around most ‘premises’.

What we offer

  • An on-site visit by a qualified and experienced fire safety officer to assist in the assessment of fire risk and the precautions required
  • Advice and guidance on producing a Fire Risk Assessment, identifying actions need to ensure your safety specific to your premises
  • An easy to understand written report with supporting documentation (includes fire risk assessment template.)

Who is it for?

‘Fire Safety Direct’ is designed for all small and medium businesses, and is especially useful to new and existing businesses looking to expand that require advice and support in preparing fire safety documents. Fire safety law applies to all businesses.

How will it help you?

Fire Safety Support can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Save you time – clear and simple to understand professional bespoke advice
  • Save you money – as the regulator we are best placed to tell you what fire precautions you need to ensure compliance and help you avoid overspending
  • Advice on management – we can provide guidance on procedures and systems to manage your risk
  • Reassurance – you can be confident that your business, staff and customers are safe from the risk of fire
  • Compliance – you can be confident that our guidance will ensure you will be compliant with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

Contact us

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