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Our pre-driver training day is delivered at our training facilities at RAF Portreath. It educates those between the ages of 15 and 17 on the importance of being a safe road user, offering a practical experience of driving and car maintenance, as well as an interactive road safety session.

Courses will be held out of term time.

The course runs from 9.30am to 4.00pm and will consist of:

MECHANICS SESSION (90 MINUTES) – Covers all aspects of the “show me/tell me” questions that students will face in their driving test. By the end of the session all candidates will have learnt how to check oil, water and tyre tread, as well as how to change a tyre; equipping them with the basic knowledge of vehicle checks and the importance of these checks to the maintenance of a vehicle.

ROAD SAFETY SESSION (90 MINUTES) – Looks at the effects of drink/drugs/mobile phone use on a driver’s reaction times and their ability to see a potential hazard and will make the candidates realise what a huge impact this can have on their driving. Candidates will also watch the hard hitting ‘Learn 2 Live’ presentation that addresses road safety and road traffic collisions.

DRIVER TRAINING – By the end of the session, all candidates will have learnt how to pull away in a vehicle and discussed gear changing and the effects this may have on fuel consumption. The instructor will also cover aspects of theory and hazard perceptions which are now a vital part of the process in successfully gaining a driving licence. This course would be suitable for any young person with an interest in driving, mechanics and road safety. It has also received a lot of praise from parents/carers who had concerns about allowing their child to drive. After the course, parents said they felt much more confident in their child’s ability to drive safely and assess hazards.

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