Miss Gregan, Bodmin College
24th April 2014

Thank you so much to you and your team at The Phoenix Project, for all the hard work you put in with the Year 10 students from Bodmin College.
We have already seen a transformation in some of them; incredible!

The successes that have been noted so far:

12 of them, all chosen for different reasons and from different backgrounds and different friendship groups, working as a tea, rolling out hoses, putting out ‘fires’ and saving ‘casualties’

A lad who has very few social skills, hardly ever speaks – shouting commands too the other 11 students in the final drill.

The pride on the face of the lad with low self esteem and hearing difficulties, when he was presented with the ‘black cap’ as the cadet that had put the most into the team, voted by the other students and instructors – amazing.

Seeing two lads who are disaffected and “don’t see the reason to go to school” actively and enthusiastically organising the lads for sessions. Both of their attendance has greatly improved.

A lad whose attendance was 63% this time last year has now sustained 100%

To me the biggest personal achievement has to go to a lad who has very few communication and social skills – not only did he learn to ride a bicycle – but with no prompting came over to me at the presentation and shook my hand!! His Science teacher has since emailed me to thank me for turning him around.


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