Community Engagement

Welcome to Phoenix Community Engagement

Inspire, Motivate, Achieve

Phoenix Community Education and Training is a pioneering community scheme that works across the duchy utilising fire service training and activities to achieve positive goals.

Raising aspirations, improving teamwork and communication skills whilst motivating the learner to achieve their full potential. Resulting in a positive impact for them and their communities.

Working alongside partners we deliver courses countywide helping some of the most hard to reach and vulnerable within our communities.

Working with those aged from 6 and up we have helped whole families, young carers, children in care, job seekers, clients on probation and those with alcohol and drug addiction. We are fortunate to have long standing relationships with many schools across Cornwall including Pencalenick and the Acorn Academies. We are very proud of our ongoing partnership work with the SUsie project.

We love a new challenge so if you think we can help please contact us.