Sarah Franks, Pencalenick School

“We have been working with The Phoenix Project for five or 6 years now and have put approximately 100 students through the course. Our students all have learning disabilities but access the Phoenix Project. After a lot of anxiety, nerves and worry our students go off for day one. They are all out of their comfort zone but by the end of day one they can’t wait to return for the rest of the week!!! By the end of the week our students emerge with a new found confidence, sense of worth and with a more mature and responsible attitude. They have learned to work together and to help and support each other. They are all encouraged to overcome a wide range of obstacles and difficulties. Something magical happens during the Phoenix week. A huge thank you to all the staff at Phoenix who make it all possible. Thank you for your patience, hard work, empathy, understanding, kindness and for making the magic happen”.

Redruth Job Centre Participant

Without the Phoenix project and the help and the expertise of the instructors I would still be in the same rut that I have been.

The instructors have been spot on with working on people’s skills and bringing out what’s best out of you as a person. With me they worked and pushed towards me being the person that I want to be and know I can be.

Anne Short, Cape Cornwall School

We selected 9 vulnerable students this October to take part in the Phoenix Project which is run by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

These pupils are chosen as they may be at risk of crime, lack of self-esteem, have child protection issues, behavior issues as well as other difficulties.

The measure of success with this course has been very successful; behaviour has improved in school after the course and their number of issues has dropped considerably. Attendance has improved too.

One student who was very self-conscious and had very low self-esteem, at the presentation at the end of the first week was full of confidence, the change was amazing.

The students also participated in a question and answer session with parents, governors, and local dignitaries and conducted themselves impeccably.


Chris Dengler, Penryn Job Centre Plus

At Penryn Jobcentre we value the work conducted by the Phoenix Project at Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

The Phoenix team now play an integral part in assisting us to improve communication skills, gain confidence and help people back into work. The course challenges its participants in such a different manner to any other provision Jobcentre Plus has to offer and in just four and a half days we see them grow as individuals, improve their communication skills and become more employable.

The stats show just how beneficial their time and effort has been.  We have held 5 courses over the past 30 months at Falmouth Community Fire Station, seeing 41 of our customers sign up.  Of these 41, only 1 delegate (from the last course 6 months ago) has failed to leave our register.

We cannot praise the Project or its team enough and feel it was best summed up by our previous Manager who attended a Passing Out Parade shortly before he retired when he said:

“In my 45 years spent in the RAF and as a Jobcentre Manager I have never seen such an excellent and valuable course, and I have never been more proud!”


The partner of a participant from Liskeard Job Centre

Having a partner with a child that is unemployed and actively looking for work in this area, this project has been the biggest success for them in the 18 months I have known them.

I have seen a different person over the last 3 weeks of this course, motivated, positive, empowered and feeling a real sense that someone really cares for them. All this from a project that receives no direct funding. Charlie and his team have done a great job and I know that there is a group of people in the Liskeard borough feeling more positive today vs 3 weeks ago about their ability to give an employer what they require.

Miss Gregan, Bodmin College

Thank you so much to you and your team at The Phoenix Project, for all the hard work you put in with the Year 10 students from Bodmin College.
We have already seen a transformation in some of them; incredible!

The successes that have been noted so far:

12 of them, all chosen for different reasons and from different backgrounds and different friendship groups, working as a tea, rolling out hoses, putting out ‘fires’ and saving ‘casualties’

A lad who has very few social skills, hardly ever speaks – shouting commands too the other 11 students in the final drill.

The pride on the face of the lad with low self esteem and hearing difficulties, when he was presented with the ‘black cap’ as the cadet that had put the most into the team, voted by the other students and instructors – amazing.

Seeing two lads who are disaffected and “don’t see the reason to go to school” actively and enthusiastically organising the lads for sessions. Both of their attendance has greatly improved.

A lad whose attendance was 63% this time last year has now sustained 100%

To me the biggest personal achievement has to go to a lad who has very few communication and social skills – not only did he learn to ride a bicycle – but with no prompting came over to me at the presentation and shook my hand!! His Science teacher has since emailed me to thank me for turning him around.


Participant from Launceston Job Centre

The Phoenix Course is the best course I have done through the job centre.

Other courses I have attended have focused on my weaknesses and I have sometimes felt patronised by the level of the courses.

This course has focussed on my achievements and strengths. This has increased my confidence and given me the drive to try and find some work experience.

Being introduced to a new group of people has allowed me to be confident to go out and approach prospective employers and get back into voluntary work. It has increased my self belief that I can integrate well into a new group.

Participant from Helston Job Centre Plus

The Phoenix Course has helped me with my motivation and thinking about my life choices.

I think this course has helped me with my confidence with reading and writing due to the completion of the qualification and the presentation.

I have built a new network of friends from this course, I have loved it. The instructors have been approachable and easy to communicate with.

Kate Heath – Volunteer & Activity Coordinator – Cosgarne Hall

“This has been a fantastic opportunity for Cosgarne clients to gain accreditation and practice skills that will improve their self-worth and motivation to achieve.  All too often the stigma unfairly attached to people living in supported accommodation or having a history of homelessness prevents them from fully participating in society.  This week has allowed some of the most vulnerable and marginalized people in St. Austell to learn enjoy and achieve whilst breaking down barriers to inclusion and redressing the often negative stereotyping attached to our client group.  It has been a pleasure working with the Phoenix Team and supporting the participants through this programme of engagement.”

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