Heidi Stasiak lives in Falmouth with her husband Dominik, her eldest daughter Faith 13, who at this time was refusing to go any form of education due to her being bullied, Faith suffered from anxiety, anger issues and lacked self-confidence and self-esteem, this had a huge effect on the family as a whole.  Rhyse aged 11, Izabella aged 4 and Jozef aged 3 who has multi complex conditions.

Actions Taken

Heidi and her family were referred onto the Phoenix project by Action for Children.  The aim of the referral was to improve family relationships and improve the communication skills amongst them.  Heidi was not really looking forward to taking part in the project because she was worried about the other 2 younger children being left out, as the focus was on Heidi, Dominik, Faith and Rhyse, as well as thinking what can this project really do for our family!

Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

Over the duration of the course Heidi said she really enjoyed working with the 2 older children and learning that they can listen and they can all communicate together, she noticed her and Dominik’s relationship improved, Faith and Dominiks relationship also improved greatly, because of this the family’s dynamics went from strength to strength, every member of the family felt they had something to offer’

Heidi said ‘Since the course I feel like I have my daughter (Faith) back, as she is back in full time education, her confidence is improving and she finds it easier to communicate with the family, she now behaves like a 13 year old and is more open to trying new things.

Rhyse is now more confident and tries to speak out more within the family; she shares her opinion which she did not do before.

Dominik is easier to live we work more as a team and listen and support each other more and I now ask for help more calling my family team mates, our family is one team!