Ian March is 61 years old and has been unemployed for 8 months.

Ian has been working full time since the age of 15 but when the company he was working for closed down, he struggled to find alternative employment.

Ian’s background is engineering and that was the work he was looking to do. “That’s the sector I have always worked in so it was natural for me to search for those jobs. However, in Cornwall I’m quickly learning, engineering jobs are not readily available; especially for people in their 60s.”

Actions Taken

Ian was referred to the Phoenix project by Launceston Job Centre Plus. He attended a pre meet at the job centre a week before the course started.

Before the week started Ian was apprehensive and wasn’t sure what to expect. He thought he would be too old for the physical aspect but was encouraged when he found out the course was for over 50s only.

At the pre-meet it was made clear that this course would emphasise team work. Ian hasn’t worked as part of a team for a long time.

Ian said: “I was very apprehensive about working as part of a team. I haven’t done it in so long. My jobs of late have been sat in front of a computer in an office on my own. Managing my own work load and basically having very little interaction with work colleagues.

On the course it is imperative to work as a team to complete tasks. Instantly it was clear that Ian is a natural leader and a very supportive team member. He said “It felt good to know that working as part of a team actually comes naturally for me. This course reminding me how important and how liberating it is to work as a team rather than as an individual.

Summary of Benefits and Evaluation Method

When asked about the course Ian said: “It’s an amazing course and I would encourage everyone to go on it. No matter how old you are.

“Since during this course I have decided instead of working on my own I want to work in the community. I want to give something back and work as part of a team. I want to interact with the public and the people of Cornwall.

“The first aid opened my eyes. I would have been one of those people that would have walked past someone that needed help and it’s made me feel so selfish.

“The instructors made me feel important. They listened to me and gave me advice. My confidence has been boosted and I want to thank the team for everything they have done this week.”