We had a brilliant week last week working with the students from Newquay Tetherras School on a 5 day programme.

They had a fantastic week with us, all giving 100% effort and individually improving their confidence and self belief.

On the Friday when their friends and family came to see the drill they couldn’t believe how much they had achieved.

Below is a picture of the students in action during their drill on Friday.



All 12 students that began the course successfully completed here they are with their certificates




Today we went back to see the students again and begin their mentoring. They went through a Learn to Live presentation and then a practical road safety drill with the watch from Newquay.

Here is one of the students helping to cut two of the other students out of the car




This shot shows the students helping to lift the roof off the car to help their trapped classmates!




All of the students agreed that they have learnt huge amounts about road safety and will be going home to share the importance of safety on our roads!

We are already looking forward to  going back to work with the group again next week for an ASB lecture.


Click here for a link to the schools article on the students success so far!