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For those who hold the category D1 on their licence which enables them to drive a minibus (this usually applies to those who passed their driving test pre-January 1997)

we offer a course made up of two parts:

2-hour classroom based theory session

1-hour practical session, including a driving assessment and the checks that should be carried out before driving a minibus

This course is suitable for anyone who drives a minibus during the course of their work, or on a voluntary basis for organisations including youth groups.

It is also suitable for anyone hiring a minibus, and requiring evidence of a completed minibus driver training course.

Minibuses can be provided for the training, or participants may use the minibus from their own organisation.

Revalidation: Completed every 3 years, renewal involves a one hour practical assessment only.

Duration: 3 hours PRICE: £80.00

Group Size: Up to 16 (for the theory) Practical is 1:1

Certification Expiry: 3 years

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